Vishnu appalaraju

Software Engineer

Technical Skills

MSOE 2023, B.S. Computer Science
Currently a Computer Science major at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, set to graduate in 2023. My major more specifically focuses on studying AI and Machine Learning.



June 2020 - August 2020

Code The Way

Technical Project Manager

At Code The Way, we built a new modern ASP.NET web application for a non profit known as The Gathering of Southeast Wisconsin. This application modernizes The Gathering's processes for volunteer management, meal sites discovery for the homeless, donations, event calendars, and social media integration. My role involves managing teams of developers to efficiently develop this application using agile methodologies, along with sprint planning, as well as making sure that client requirements are best achieved.

December 2019 - March 2020

Liturgical Publications, Inc

Software Development Intern

During my time at LPI, I worked on their Salesforce applications. I built lightning web components for their Ad design team to improve their Ad client process, and I also helped convert code for an object  duplication. I learned about the various capabilities of Salesforce, as well as furthering my knowledge of full stack development.

June 2018 - August 2018

Code The Way

Full Stack Development Intern

I worked in a team to build a client management system for a non profit organization known as Life Navigators. I worked on front end components such as views, and back end components such as controllers, repositories, services, and database migrations. The application was a ASP.NET web application. Life Navigators had been previously using an outdated paper based system to organize their various clients. The system we created for them makes their operations more efficient and allows them to focus on serving the community.

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